Nordic Productions is a company providing film, tv, commercial and music video production services in Lithuania and around Europe. Established in 2009 by a team of film professionals and based in the capital city of Vilnius the company provides services  for clients from around the world.
Nordic Productions is a member of the Finnish - Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce
The new Lithuanian Tax Incentives went into effect in January 2014. From now on Lithuania offers you up to 30% rebate of the Lithuanian production expenses. 
  • The Incentives are available to feature films, TV films, documentaries and animated films. This includes domestically produced, co-produced or commissioned films (produced under service agreement).
  • The aggregate maximum amount of the donation funds provided cannot exceed 30% of the production expenses of the film or its part.
  • At least 80% of Lithuanian production costs have to be spent in Lithuania.
  • Film spend in Lithuania has to be at least EUR 43,443
  • The film cannot be pornographic or promote violence and has to meet cultural content and production criteria.

For more information regarding the Tax Incentives please contact us & visit: